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A Learning List 20/20 by A-Tabit-Production A Learning List 20/20 :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 3 0 A Learning List 19/20 by A-Tabit-Production A Learning List 19/20 :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 1 3 A Learning List 18/20 by A-Tabit-Production A Learning List 18/20 :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 2 3 A Learning List 17/20 by A-Tabit-Production A Learning List 17/20 :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 3 0 Smelly OC by A-Tabit-Production Smelly OC :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 2 3 A Learning List 16/20 by A-Tabit-Production A Learning List 16/20 :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 4 0 A Learning List 15/20 by A-Tabit-Production A Learning List 15/20 :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 0 0 squid OC by A-Tabit-Production squid OC :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 5 0 A Learning List 14/20 by A-Tabit-Production A Learning List 14/20 :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 0 3 Desktop Background: Bunny Background by A-Tabit-Production Desktop Background: Bunny Background :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 4 2 Cool Cat Simple Background by A-Tabit-Production Cool Cat Simple Background :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 2 0 Simple Background by A-Tabit-Production Simple Background :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 2 0 A Learning List: 13/20 by A-Tabit-Production A Learning List: 13/20 :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 0 5 Over the Hand, Under the Wrist by A-Tabit-Production Over the Hand, Under the Wrist :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 2 0 Well Shucks by A-Tabit-Production Well Shucks :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 1 4 Treat Yourself by A-Tabit-Production Treat Yourself :icona-tabit-production:A-Tabit-Production 1 5


Red by UglyBellPepper Red :iconuglybellpepper:UglyBellPepper 2 0 Day #1 Quinton criss cross applesauce 5/12/17 by aIdyss Day #1 Quinton criss cross applesauce 5/12/17 :iconaidyss:aIdyss 2 0
Flash Prompts 2017 7th: Nameless
I remember how they waited for each other. A coffee for the man, no sugar, a cup of green tea for the young lady. I listened to the endless conversations, even offered them the second drinks to keep the conversation going. I didn't eavesdrop on them, no! I'd never do such a thing, I'd get fired for that!
It's a year and a half after the couple had first met each other here accidentally and fallen in love with each other. I no longer see them here, drinking their classic drinks I know by heart now.
In fact, I see no one here. No one comes here anymore.
I don't know how their love story ended or if it's still going on somewhere away from here. I do hope they are somewhere far away, safe and well. And still together, in love.
I only know that my story, and that of this café and so, so many others here, ended with radiation from that nuclear power plant's accident and consequent destruction.
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 2 12
Door Joke by Inprismed Door Joke :iconinprismed:Inprismed 17 3
The song is fraught with misery,
each note is haunting and forlorn
each word is mournful agony,
that echoes through the light of dawn.
I hear them sing these hopeless strains
that seek to poison and destroy
until only despair remains
I hear their sorrow, hear their pain,
with joy.
:iconfolros:folros 2 5
u cant stop me by UglyBellPepper u cant stop me :iconuglybellpepper:UglyBellPepper 18 3 Happy Valentine's Day by Lilyas Happy Valentine's Day :iconlilyas:Lilyas 356 78 learner by evateddi learner :iconevateddi:evateddi 1 2 Colourful hair by slopppppppppjoe13 Colourful hair :iconslopppppppppjoe13:slopppppppppjoe13 255 110 The Jason Judges You by Zen-Clarke The Jason Judges You :iconzen-clarke:Zen-Clarke 3 0 Relationship of Manipulation by MICHI17 Relationship of Manipulation :iconmichi17:MICHI17 2 2 Last Dance of an Anorexic by MICHI17 Last Dance of an Anorexic :iconmichi17:MICHI17 2 3 Easter Kitten by MICHI17 Easter Kitten :iconmichi17:MICHI17 2 0 Electroctopus by covenantlove Electroctopus :iconcovenantlove:covenantlove 6 6


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello. I return to DA after several years of nursing. I like to draw, write short stories, and collaborate with fellow hobbyists. I figured that returning to DA is one way to post/share my results, and to perhaps make some income. It is nice to be back.


The learning list is completed! Feel free to look through the personal learning list in the gallery. Icon - Sunny Days 

Are words as immortal as we perceive them to be? Or do we dream of their immortality so that a present of us continues to live passed long after we are gone?

There is good within the bad. The more sad you are, the more happy you become once happiness arrives.
Subject/Video Games
The following are ideas that the creator holds for potential video game. It will please the creator if someone took her ideas and turn them into games available online. Thank you.

Bear Brawl (2017)
A fighting base game based on different types of bear species. May be based on single or team system.

Cat Carnage (2017)
Like Bear Brawl, except cat version.

Among the Shadows (25/01/2008)

A story based in the suburbs of Louisiana. The main character is a child whose parents practice hoodoo. Their practice of hoodoo invokes the “spirits of protection” in their household. The spirits of protection compose of shadows that become friends with the child. During a robbery, the spirits take all the adults to the underground. The child conjures the spirits of protection. The child explained that the spirits made a mistake; they took their parents alongside the robbers. The spirits apologize, but there is nothing that they can do at this point because the parents are in the “Castle of holding.”

However, the child can save them. The spirits tell them to go to the Castle of holding. They equip the child with special items (such as Mojo bags, protection amulets, etc.) that allow him or her to survive the “demon and guards” encounters. The game tells their story of the child going through each section of the underworld to find their parents. Friends and special items are found along the journey.

The main character tries to reason with the King of the Castle of Holding. He, a dictator of the castle for many centuries, scoff at the “tiny human incident” and refuses to return their parents. The child challenges him to a battle. He accepts. They strike a deal. If the child loses, they will be his slave until they die. If the king loses, he will return their parents.

The child wins. The king keeps his word, and sends the parents out. The child returns in the “real world”, parents at home, parents dazed with no recollection of the Castle of Holding. They find the door wide open, the robbers “gone.” But their belongings, and each other, are safe. The parents contact the police. Although the parents do not remember, the child does. They tuck the “special item bag” from the beginning of the game into their pocket, and go out the door into the bright sun.

The Caretaker (25/01/2008)
A story based on siblings in rural China. The birth of a girl is much more heavily desired instead of a boy. In this world, men overpopulate China and their numbers are dying out. A girl shows promise to help bring more workers and servitude. There are no limits to the number born per family.

The game resolves an older brother with 3 siblings. Two other brothers younger than him, and a baby sister. His mom died due to complications of the birth of the baby girl, and the father killed himself after. He is 20 years old. His other brothers, respectively, are 17 and 14 years of age. The baby girl is three years old. Old enough to walk, talk a few words, and to grab.

The eldest child is their primary caretaker. The boys are working in the rice fields when the land owner questions them. They speak about the increase of the supernatural. The boys thank him for their time.

Later that night, everyone went to bed. A loud banging noise and crying is heard next door. The boys ran to the baby girl room and noticed she was gone. A creature ran off carrying the crying baby girl. The eldest instruct the others to stay put, and he goes off to find her. The game starts.

The main character travels through several areas of land in China. The first level is the rice fields. He ends up in one of the villages in China. He can rest/buy food. The character explores the city and talks to various characters, until one points out that they believe they saw a “mangy dog man” run off with what might be a doll or a toy in his hands. They point out the direction and the main character continues to the next level.

The next level is the forest level. Simple, straight forward. Enemies are a bit harder compared to the rice fields. You also have “good spirits” that aid the journey. A total of 3 levels in the forest. The final level in the forest is known as the “Deep Forest” level. The final level is nothing but a giant maze. There are hidden woods that give special boosts/items. The level ends at a giant cave.


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dreammeadowss Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're very talented with your words. You take simple everyday concepts and fuse them together for lyrical descriptions and providing a third eye of seeing these happenings and personally makes me visualise events differently. You give an image of grace or gore, or sometimes, completely hilarious scenes with your bovine poems. I deeply encourage you to keep on writing! You're amazing!I am a dummy! 
A-Tabit-Production Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your encouragement! I also love your work! Thank you very much!
dreammeadowss Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No Problem, because it's all true :)
thank you!! 
Zen-Clarke Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Student Writer
Thanks for the fave! :]
A-Tabit-Production Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
no problem! =)
Zen-Clarke Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Student Writer
MICHI17 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011
Your art is very nice! keep it up, Tabby. ^^

-Mischel <3
A-Tabit-Production Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Michell! ^^ You are quite a sweetheart!
A-Tabit-Production Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Got my first commission. :)
A-Tabit-Production Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Ah Zielvos, don't think of it like that. xD I was just looking for a particular drawing and I found it. I'm going to attempt to draw a Panther if I have time sometime this semester. :)
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